PHILOSOPHY 途上国から世界に通用するブランドをつくる from MOTHERHOUSE


We spotlight the potential of developing countries
through our products to establish an international brand.

Motherhouse’s mission is to show the great potential in traditional craftsmanship and local materials of developing countries.

Our manufacturing process begins by gathering raw materials at the source.
The materials are handled with respect to be a partner of each customer to walk through their life.

Each product is made especially to move the hearts of our customers.
They are made to last and be appreciated for many years

We wish to share the beauty of diversity, peace and joy through our products.

We make every effort to manufacture using materials and production methods suitable for each country.

Each country or region has unique materials, such as jute and leather in Bangladesh, or cashmere and silk in Nepal.
Our manufacturing is designed to release the untapped potential of each material.

With our Village Series project, we shift away from mid-range production to focus more on products hand-crafted right out of home and village, with the goal of keeping these wonderful traditions alive.

We believe no style is inferior to another. Each has its own beauty.
To uncover more styles, we will keep traveling, discovering and sending out to the rest of the world.

Our factory in Bangladesh was built on the principle that we want any staff involved in manufacturing to be able to always work with a smile.
We create a top-class working environment so that the factory will feel like every worker’s second home.

"Create good products."
We think creating a positive working environment is highly influential in this.
We aspire to make our factory a second home to every worker. We push for high salaries, skill-based promotions, pension, medical care, and an annual company picnic.

For extended use of our products, we have care services and a repair menu.

"We would like you to use our products for a long time."
In the event anything wrong with the product is found in the first six months after purchase, we will handle it for free.
We will try to repair products to satisfy customers' demands as best we can, even if the products have been used for many years.

We can also give you advice about various care services and how to take care of products at home if you bring them to our shop.

We try to respond to customers’ demands properly even if it's something small, since our factory enables us to provide detailed services.

"Cocokara Project will make your mind (cocoro) and body (karada) feel lighter."
This is a project that aims to solve problems held by past sufferers of illness and expecting mothers.

Exceeding the reach of mass production, this project is for those special voices that may be small in size but store almost limitless potential. We listen to them so that our products may be able to reach who they really need to.

We hope to create a community which can transcend duel oppositions such as production and sales, customers and manufacturers or developing countries and developed countries.

We continue taking action in the hope to create a community where everyone involved is happy.
One way we hope to achieve this is through the factory tours we organized. In total, we have shown 250 people our worksite.
We also provide opportunities to motivate hardworking manufacturing employees, inviting them to Japan and holding events where they can communicate with customers.

In addition, we are working on community building to break down walls with the "MOTHERHOUSE College", so we can discuss the future of society. We also have "Zadankai" to make new products following discussion between customers and our manufacturing staff.

We have methods for reaching people we cannot reach through business alone.

We are always thinking about the best way we can contribute to the world through our business. However, there are some people we cannot reach through business plans alone, especially disaster survivors and children who may not be very privileged.
One way we have found to support these people is through our charity Social Point. Customers can contribute by shopping and collecting points on their point card.

In the past, we provided housings and everyday commodities to those affected by a cyclone in Bangladesh and an earthquake in Nepal, and supplied "Egaobukuro (bags of smiles)" to children in the Tohoku area during the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In the future, we plan to visit disaster affected sites as soon as possible, working with locals in whatever way we can.